NIE Identification Card – EU Citizens


  1. Book an appointment with the local police office
    • You can book directly online (Spanish) or via a paid appointment booking service in case you are unable to find a suitable appointment independently
  2. Check which form you need to complete:
    • EX-15 (Application for NIE number)
    • EX-18 (Inscription into the municipality)
  3. Follow the form completion guidelines OR use multi-lingual form generator for easy completion
  4. Go to your appointment at the local Police office with:
    • Passport
    • X Form
    • Certificate
  5. Receive your NIE card


⚠️ Useful to know
  • These instructions were last updated on 20 July 2021. Although MRT aims to keep all instructions up to date it is your responsibility to insure you are following the latest guidelines as outline on:
? <strong>Why complete this step?</strong>
  • The NIE is required in order to show your residency in Spain and be eligible to sign up for various services.  For example, phone, internet, buying a home, renting an apartment and signing up for health care etc.