Public Activities and Services


  1. Explore activities available across Barcelona
  2. Explore activities in your neighbourhood
    • Familiarise yourself with your new neighbourhood by taking a stroll on different days and at different times – you’ll soon get a feel for what’s going on


⚠️ Useful to know
  • Barcelona is a city made up of various “barrios” or “neighbourhoods”. Previously, they were almost all autonomous towns and had their own movie theatres, shopping districts, agenda etc. As the population of the city grew, barrios gradually came together and form Barcelona as a whole today
  • Each barrio has its own distinct culture and atmosphere to explore. This means lots of opportunity to explore cultural activities all year around
? Why complete this step?
  • Getting familiar with your environment is one of the first steps towards feeling safe and at home in a new city
  • Barcelona City has a very strong governmental program in place offering citizens a diverse program of activities and support worth exploring