Spanish and Catalán Classes


  1. Join a Spanish Class
  2. Join a Catalán Class
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    • Visit to start learning Catalán online


⚠️ Useful to know
  • Spanish and Catalán are both officially recognised languages in Barcelona and mandatory for school children to learn
  • Public institutions and paperwork is usually only available in Spanish or Catalán, which makes it advisable to learn if you plan to stay longer term
💡 Why complete this step?
  • English is not widely or confidently spoken outside Barcelona expat circles, as such it is advisable to learn some Spanish in order to acclimatise properly
  • Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese – once you’ve learnt it, it will literally open up a whole new world for you!
  • If you dare to learn Catalán you’ll be a hit with the locals. It’s quite rare for foreigners to do so